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Life Sciences - May 26
Life Sciences

A research group at the University of Lausanne has carried out the largest genome-wide study of weight gain induced by psychotropic drugs. This work has identified 4 new genetic variants associated with this metabolic disorder.

Life Sciences - May 23

Scientists have discovered that cells can use RNA and its constituent uridine as alternative energy sources to sugar. For better or for worse, as shown by their publication in "Nature Metabolism

A recent study is shaking up what is known about this condition, which is considered incurable, and could lead to a treatment.

Plants have a powerful warning system in case of attack, based on a sophisticated communication mode. In a study published in the journal "Cell", the group of Prof. Edward Farmer of the University of Lausanne details the mechanism of propagation of the electrical signal essential to this defense process

Pharmacology - Jan 12

Contrary to warnings in the academic literature and public debate, modest financial incentives for vaccination can be used without fear of serious unintended consequences. This is the result of a scientific study, published in "Nature", conducted by the University of Zurich, Lund University and UnisantÚ.

Life Sciences - Dec 21, 2022

A research team at the University of Lausanne has succeeded in preserving the memory of Alzheimer's mice by boosting the metabolic functions of glial cells rather than neurons, a striking shift in treatment strategies. The results can be found in the journal "Glia".

First empirical validation of a new diagnostic framework for laboratory identification of super-recognizers and their value to law enforcement.

Inclusive social norms and nationals' positive intergroup orientations toward refugees: The moderating role of initial prejudice and intergroup contact.

Life Sciences - Feb 28

A fan-shaped tail with shimmering colors in the peacock, eyes perched at the ends of long stems on either side of the head in the Diopsidae flies. The different finery that males use to distinguish themselves is the "seductive" part of mating. The aggressiveness they show to each other, and especially to females, can have an extremely deleterious effect on the biology of populations.

Life Sciences - Jan 10

A recent study from the University of Lausanne unveils a new method to measure oxytocin in the brain using a bioengineered fluorescent sensor.

Paleontology - Dec 20, 2022

An international team of scientists has made a groundbreaking discovery at a major new fossil site in Morocco: giant arthropods - relatives of modern animals such as shrimps, insects and spiders - would have dominated the seas 470 million years.

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