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A "sizeable" gap in the financial knowledge of children, depending on which socio-economic group they come from, has been identified in a new study of more than 3,700 UK families, led by UCL researchers. The study, British Journal of Educational Studies, used a nationally representative data sample taken from the 2019 Children and Young People's Financial Capability Survey, measuring the financial capabilities and behaviours among British 7 to 17-year-olds.

Career - Jun 2

If you're staying at UCL over the summer, remember that all of our services and student support will be open and available throughout the summer break.

Health - Jun 1

People who are socially engaged when middle aged and beyond are 30-50% less likely to develop dementia later on, finds a new review of evidence led by UCL researchers.

Pride Month takes place every June - read on for our round-up of events and key resources for students and staff, plus a foreword from UCL's LGBTQ+ Equality Implementation Group (LEIG) Manager, Gerard Jones.

UCL archaeologist Dr Manuel Arroyo-Kalin has been working with Brazilian researchers and indigenous peoples to help better understand and share their cultural heritage.

UCL has competed in University Challenge since the show's debut in 1962. We speak to next season's team, who will compete in the first series without the inimitable Jeremy Paxman. We discussed the journey from viewing to competing, the pressures of selection, and preparation.

This week we meet James Baggaley, Head of Communications and Engagement at the UCL Policy Lab. Here, he chats to us about working on the Obama campaign in 2012 and, more recently, a special edition of the Policy Lab Magazine...

Health - May 25

Five subtypes of heart failure that could potentially be used to predict future risk for individual patients have been identified in a new study led by UCL researchers.

Environment - Jun 2

Professor Richard Gregory (UCL Biosciences) explains that pesticides and fertilisers are the single biggest cause of birds shocking decline across Europe and suggests how best to respond, writing in The Conversation.

Psychology - Jun 1

Adolescents who show signs of alcohol dependence are more likely to develop depression by their mid-20s, according to a new study led by UCL and University of Bristol researchers.

Health - May 31

The first successful in-patient trial of liver dialysis* has been completed by researchers from UCL, the Royal Free Hospital, UCL spin-out Yaqrit and their collaborators.

Politics - May 26

This week we meet PhD candidate and Ukrainian refugee Nadia Dobrianska, who recently addressed Irish Parliamentarians on how the conflict in Ukraine has upended the lives of Ukrainians. Here, she chats to us about her research and favourite libraries.

Health - May 25

Children living with long-term poverty and whose families rely on food banks are more likely to achieve lower GCSE grades, finds a report co-authored by UCL researchers.

Health - May 25

Researchers from UCL, the UK Dementia Research Institute, Imperial College London and Newcastle University, are involved in a major new collaboration to develop a technology that could help identify people at risk of developing dementia by analysing their sleep patterns.

Life Sciences - May 24

A cleft lip or palate arises from the combined effects of genes and inflammatory risk factors experienced during pregnancy, such as smoking or infections, finds a new study led by UCL researchers.

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