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Economics - May 31

Independent report from Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies shows women in three African countries earned and saved significantly more money through participation in an initiative led by Bloomberg Philanthropies.

Health - May 31

A new Johns Hopkins Medicine study finds that participants' decline in global cognition after a heart attack was equivalent to about six to 13 years of cognitive aging.

Innovation - May 31

Mark Dredze, associate professor of computer science, discusses BloombergGPT, the first large language model built specifically for the finance industry.

Health - May 25

President Daniels speaks about the importance of small contributions to shared endeavors.

Health - May 25

Eight pioneering figures receive Johns Hopkins honorary degrees

Pedagogy - May 23

New is good: Novelty is essential to keeping bright learners engaged this summer.

Symposium explores AI's boundless promise-and potential dangers

Pedagogy - May 16

The first comprehensive analysis of how Latinos are portrayed in widely used U.S. history textbooks reveals a lack of authenticity and a failure to cover many seminal events in the Latino experience.

Health - May 31

Kay Redfield Jamison discusses her latest book, which takes a nonlinear approach to cataloguing the history of psychotherapy.

Health - May 31

Two promising student startups receive President's Venture Fellowships

Event - May 25

President Zelenskyy's address to the Johns Hopkins University Class of 2023.

Health - May 25

During remarks to the Class of 2023, senior class president Sophie Liu reflects on the unique journey of a group of students who experienced Hopkins before, during, and after the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Psychology - May 22

Married people who have affairs find them highly satisfying, express little remorse, and believe the cheating didn't hurt their otherwise healthy marriages, finds a new Johns Hopkins report on the psychology of infidelity.

Campus - May 17

As pandemic ebbs, campus returns to something closer to normal

Health - May 16

School of Medicine withdraws from 'U.S. News & World Report' rankings

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