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Location: Boston - Massachusetts
77 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139

Campus - Jun 2

"Never forget just how much purposeful connection can impact and sustain you," Nobles told this year's graduating class.

Campus - Jun 2

"We are proud to be doing this work, and we hope you will join us." Evoking the historic impact that the late urban planners and MIT faculty Tunney Lee and Mel King had on the city, Boston Mayor Michelle Wu challenged the 2023 graduates of MIT's School of Architecture and Planning (SA+P) to remember to put people first throughout their careers.

Campus - Jun 1

"Curiosity is endlessly electrifying," Kornbluth told graduates.

Innovation - May 31

Cindy Alejandra Heredia's journey from Laredo, Texas, took her to leading the MIT autonomous vehicle team and to an MBA from MIT Sloan.

Economics - May 31

Hax was a longtime MIT Sloan faculty member and co-creator of the Delta Model whose approach to customer bonding is still in use.

Selecting the right method gives users a more accurate picture of how their model is behaving, so they are better equipped to correctly interpret its predictions.

Astronomers discover the last three planets the Kepler telescope observed before going dark.

Physics - May 30

Undergraduate research helped feed physics and EECS major Thomas Bergamaschi's post-MIT interest in tackling challenges.

Campus - Jun 1

The engineer and YouTuber advises the Class of 2023 to embrace optimism and collaboration.

Mathematics - Jun 1

A study inspired by the Japanese paper-cutting art provides a blueprint for designing shape-shifting materials and devices.

Mathematics - May 31

A series of numbers describes the career of Professor Gil Strang as he retires from MIT after six highly influential decades on the faculty.

Researchers develop an algorithm that decides when a "student" machine should follow its teacher, and when it should learn on its own.

Event - May 31

Each year, staff, faculty, and student volunteers help make the graduation celebration special for all guests, including the occasional duckling.

Politics - May 30

Study: False assumptions about election malfeasance could create a "death spiral" for democracy - but also provide some hope for bipartisan repair.

Media Lab PhD students Manuj Dhariwal and Shruti Dhariwal introduce a new paradigm of creative collaboration in digital learning environments.

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