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Earth Sciences - 21.09
Assistant Professor, School of Oceanography University of Washington
Pedagogy - 20.09
Assistant Professor (Tenure Track) University of Washington
Pedagogy - 20.09
Associate Professor - Electrical and Computer Engineering University of Washington
Mathematics - 18.09
Postdoctoral Scholar, Mathematics University of Washington
Environment - 18.09
Lecturer Part Time in Environmental Studies University of Washington
Media - 15.09
Assistant Teaching Professor of Screenwriting University of Washington
Pedagogy - 15.09
Assistant Teaching Professor - Persian Language and Culture University of Washington
Art and Design - 12.09
Assistant Professor in Digital Arts and Experimental Media University of Washington


The University of Washington is a lead partner on a new multi-institution earthquake research center based at the University of Oregon that the National Science Foundation announced Sept. 8 will receive $15 million over five years to study the Cascadia subduction zone and bolster earthquake preparedness in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Health - Sep 7

Alden Woods Two years ago, as life regained its rhythm and public transit once again filled with people, train and bus operators spotted a troubling trend. Some operators reported instances of people smoking drugs on their vehicles, and worried that the haze it created could linger, potentially affecting workers- physical and mental health.

Environment - Aug 31

New research from the University of Washington and Polar Bears International in Bozeman, Montana, quantifies the relationship between greenhouse gas emissions and the survival of polar bear populations.

Health - Aug 28

Alden Woods Annie Doubleday doesn't want her work to scare people. It's already unsettling when wildfire smoke descends upon a community, when eyes burn and throats scratch and people trickle into emergency rooms.

Campus - Aug 14

UW News staff - A team of biomedical researchers, including two bioengineers at the University of Washington, has developed a new method for hiring engineering professors.

Physics - Aug 10

A particle physics experiment decades in the making - the Muon g-2 experiment - looks increasingly like it might set up a showdown over whether there are fundamental particles or forces in the universe that are unaccounted for in the current Standard Model , the comprehensive theory that physicists use to describe how the universe works at its most fundamental level.

An asteroid discovery algorithm - designed to uncover near-Earth asteroids for the Vera C. Rubin Observatory -s upcoming 10-year survey of the night sky - has identified its first -potentially hazardous- asteroid, a term for space rocks in Earth's vicinity that scientists like to keep an eye on.

Physics - Jul 19

For decades, scientists have been probing the potential of two-dimensional materials to transform our world. 2D materials are only a single layer of atoms thick. Within them, subatomic particles like electrons can only move in two dimensions.

Economics - Sep 6

Menthol-flavored cigarettes account for more than one-third of cigarettes sold in the United States, and experts believe they are more dangerous than traditional cigarettes. More than 150 cities and counties have prohibited the sale of menthols, and Massachusetts and California both have statewide bans.

Researchers are more likely to write scientific papers with co-authors of the same gender, a pattern that can't be explained by varying gender representations across scientific disciplines and time. A new study from the University of Washington and Cornell University, recently published in PLOS One , finds consistent gender homophily - the tendency of authors to collaborate with others who share their gender - in a digital collection of 560,000 published research articles over a 50-year period.

Environment - Aug 21

In 2006, the Tripod Complex Fire burned more than 175,000 acres in north-central Washington. The fire, which was within the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest, was more than three times the size of Seattle.

Career - Aug 14

Organizational change can be seen as a threat, but can also create opportunity. How people initially react to changes depends on their placement within their work groups- status hierarchy, according to new research from the University of Washington.

The University of Washington's large research vessel, the R/V Thomas G. Thompson , will embark Aug. 13 from Newport, Oregon. A team of dozens of UW students, researchers and engineers will visit sites hosting a unique, National Science Foundation-funded, underwater observatory.

Environment - Jul 24

Even for scuba and snorkeling enthusiasts, the plunge into open water can be dislocating. Divers frequently swim with limited visibility, which can become a safety hazard for teams trying to find each other in an emergency.

Innovation - Jul 18

At first, some parents were wary: An audio chatbot was supposed to teach their kids to speak positively to themselves through lessons about a superhero named Zip. In a world of Siri and Alexa, many people are skeptical that the makers of such technologies are putting children's welfare first.

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