Architecture - History

An exhibition at the Venice Architecture Biennale exploring the concept of cities and urbanism through the lens of a 6,000-year-old Ukrainian archaeological site was developed by a UCL researcher with the Forensic Architecture group at Goldsmiths University.

Architecture - May 23

On Saturday, 20 May, the 18th Biennale of Architecture in Venice opened its doors. In the German pavilion, which focuses on building in existing contexts and the recycling economy, also the Nutrient Harvester developed at Eawag is demonstrated.

In the Center for Soft Nanoscience physicists, chemists, biologists and physicians research together under one roof.

Modern brick facades mostly consist of homogeneous bricks. The Keller companies and HSLU researchers have developed a production process for bricks that opens up completely new design possibilities for architects. The joint Innosuisse research project arose from an award-winning thesis in the Master Design at HSLU.

Architecture - Apr 6

While using a wood-burning stove, large amounts of particulate matter and ultrafine dust are released into living rooms. This is according to a citizen science project by Utrecht University. Researcher Fleur Froeling: "Although this study was carried out among a small group, we see that over three times more ultrafine dust is present in a home when the wood stove is on."

Architecture - Mar 27

Associate Professor Arianna Brambilla from the School of Architecture, Design and Planning will work with the Victorian Building Authority to establish best practice guidelines around the construction of moisture-resilient buildings.

Focusing exclusively on new housing developments to counter the housing crisis is not sustainable, says David Kaufmann. His research group has been able to show that vulnerable persons are displaced to a much greater extent than previously thought in the Swiss canton of Zürich.

"Ways of Seeing" project documents endangered Afghan heritage sites through digital imaging, virtual reality, and hand-drawn professional renderings.

Architecture - Apr 19

Glass bricks have long been popular in architecture for bringing more light into buildings. Until now, however, they have not been suitable for load-bearing walls and have not insulated well.

Architecture - Apr 14

Information, resources and upcoming events during Housing Week 2023 (9-12 May) to help you find alternative accommodation if you don't live in UCL Halls of Residence.

Architecture - Mar 28

Modular homes that can be quickly adapted to a family situation, cleverly reusing rubble as building material for temporary housing, setting up emergency shelters in tent camps in such a way that communities can still be together. With such housing solutions and designs came 50 students from TU Delft after an education week on earthquake-resistant building and architecture after humanitarian disasters. The best ideas will be further developed into a 1:1 prototype of an earthquake-resistant temporary shelter for subsequent deployment in Turkey and Syria.

Research tracks geographic patterns of rising costs and declining housing affordability Frontline workers in essential public services play a critical role in our cities, but new research shows it's becoming more difficult for essential workers to live within reasonable commuting distance of their workplace.

Architecture - Mar 20

Financial firms have moved in on Montreal's rental housing market New research indicates that a small percentage of financial landlords, like private equity firms and institutional investors, own four times more of Montreal's rental housing stock than was previously estimated.