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Combining digital technology with the human voice, Eugene McDermott Award in the Arts at MIT winner Pamela Z creates layered music from everyday life. In the mid-1980s, artist Pamela Z was working at Tower Records on Columbus Street in San Francisco, where one of her jobs was replacing pages in the store's Phonolog, an enormous alphabetized directory of all the music available at the time, which formed a kind of bible of pop.

Dr Sanne Mestrom from the Sydney College of the Arts has created a sculpture that invites the community to gather and connect at the site of a traditional gathering place. Commissioned by the City of Geelong, The Secret reflects Dr Mestrom's aim to use art as a bridge between the built and natural environments and as means to create a place of refuge and play.

Are you feeling blue - or seeing red? Maybe turning green with envy? You're not alone in colour-coding your emotions, University of Toronto researchers say in a new paper confirming associations between feelings and certain shades and shapes.

A new study brings us closer to understanding when and how viewing online paintings can impact our well-being.

The objective measurement of the ways in which people move in front of art shows that there are four different groups that also report different art experiences.

Interactive light organ brightens Johns Hopkins

Deep within Simon Fraser University's chemistry department, science and art intersect to unravel the dark, but lucrative, underbelly of forgery. Art forgery is a multi-million-dollar problem in the art world as galleries and collectors snap up what they think are legitimate pieces of work linked to famous painters and their circles.

Culture University - In his first phase of research, Kaspar Ravel, artist in residence at Sorbonne University, met passionate researchers who are a real source of inspiration. He tells us about these encounters, the different aspects of his artistic project and the next steps of his residency.

A team of Johns Hopkins engineering students infused a local artist's 'crown' with high-tech features aimed at enhancing its ergonomics and functionality as part of the university's Volunteers for Medical Engineering group.

The Whitworth presents Traces of Displacement, an exhibition using the Whitworth's collection to address one of the major humanitarian concerns of the 20th and 21st centuries - forced displacement from 7 April 2023 until 7 January 2024.

Opening today, the new exhibition of EPFL Pavilions "Lighten Up! On Biology and Time" uses the lens of art to explore the connection of living organisms with the natural cycle of light and dark. Nineteen installations highlight the urgency of reconnecting to the outdoor environment and remind us of the importance of regular light exposure.

An exhibition on Gabriel Lippmann, the inventor of one of the first methods for color photography, opens today at the Photo Elysée museum in Lausanne and will run until 21 May. The exhibition provides a unique glimpse into Lippmann's multispectral imaging technique - for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize - by presenting his original color plates in an entirely novel way, thanks to a joint project with EPFL.

Your cell phone. The entertaining, distracting, world-at-our-fingertips device that we are never without. An almost inimitable nemesis to observing and understanding gallery art. Almost. An exception is the augmented reality art exhibition, "Traces,” from Camila Magrane, on view at the University of Michigan's Institute for the Humanities Gallery through Feb.

Selected Jobs
Art and Design - 23.05
Assistentin / Assistent für Gestaltung im Institut Architektur - Schwerpunkt Grafik 40% Hochschule Luzern - Technik & Architektur, Horw/Luzern
Art and Design - 05.05
Professeure ou professeur en enseignement des arts plastiques Université de Laval
Social Sciences - 30.11.2022
Assistant or Associate Professor -- Theatre Design (Fine Arts) University of Alberta
Art and Design - 04.05
Universitätsprofessur (W2) Plastik Technische Universität Dortmund
Art and Design - 04.05
Professorship (W2) Sculpture Technische Universität Dortmund
Art and Design - 31.05
Leverhulme Trust Postdoctoral Research Assistant - Conservation University of Oxford
Art and Design - 24.05
Leverhulme Trust Postdoctoral Research Assistant - Conservation University of Oxford
Social Sciences - 15.10.2022
Assistant Professor of Visual Arts and Culture University of Washington
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