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Life Sciences - Music - 21.09.2023
The ’ring’ of regions orchestrating brain function
New research published in a high impact journal shows that there could be "one Ring to rule them all" orchestrating brain dynamics, in some ways similar to Tolkien's famous poem in The Lord of the Rings. The study has identified a ring of regions of the prefrontal cortex which sits at the top of the hierarchical system governing brain dynamics.

Life Sciences - Music - 02.06.2023
Highschool student partners with SFU music specialist to research the developing teenage brain
Highschool student partners with SFU music specialist to research the developing teenage brain
When Burnaby eighth grader Advaith S. Iyer decided to participate in the Greater Vancouver Regional Science Fair (GVRSF) for the first time this spring an ambitious research idea emerged. Seeking to test the cognitive load - the amount of work the brain is doing - associated with playing musical instruments, his high school laboratory equipment was insufficient for his complex experiment.

Life Sciences - Music - 22.05.2023
Embryo-like models help map early stages of development
Embryo-like models help map early stages of development
An organism's body plan arises through a process called gastrulation, during which the embryo forms three distinct layers of cells that will later give rise to all organs. Now, FMI researchers have mapped the development of three-dimensional clusters of cells that mimic aspects of gastrulation, providing important insights into the molecular mechanisms that regulate early embryonic development and cell fate determination.

Music - 04.05.2023
UK weather conditions influence music success in the markets
Music is an integral part of our daily lives, but what makes a song successful in the competitive music market remains a mystery to even the most experienced experts. A new study, led by researchers at the University of Oxford, suggests that environmental factors such as weather conditions and seasonal patterns can play a significant role in shaping listener preferences and choices, potentially impacting a song's success in the market.

Health - Music - 06.03.2023
Myth Mozart effect: Listening to music does not help against epilepsy
A new study by psychologists at the University of Vienna shows that there is no scientific evidence for the alleged positive effect of Mozart's Sonata KV448 on epilepsy . The music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart has been attributed with amazing effects, especially in the last fifty years. Reports about possible positive effects of listening to Mozart's Sonata KV448 on epilepsy symptoms received high media attention.

Music - 17.01.2023
The Consoling Power of Music: The Role of Emotions and Musical Aspects
Music and emotions are inextricably linked to one another. Music's ability to evoke emotion in listeners, is one of the reasons why people turn to music to improve their mood or express what they are feeling. Even though music is able to console, little systematic research has considered how music can offer consolation.