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Health - Research Management - 14.08.2023
A new way to evaluate the impact of medical research
A new way to evaluate the impact of medical research
Evaluating articles and journals using a new "diversity index" could promote a wider range of perspectives and better global health outcomes, researchers say. Scientific journals and research papers are evaluated by a metric known as their "impact factor," which is based on how many times a given paper is cited by other papers.

Environment - Research Management - 03.08.2023
European cooperation on forest protection
European cooperation on forest protection
The Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL is participating in a pan-European project to monitor and evaluate the impact of climate change on forests. The aim is to create a basis for decision-making in practical forest management on a European and regional level. The first calls for grants are now being launched, enabling researchers outside the FORWARDS consortium to contribute to the project's goal.

Research Management - 28.07.2023
Analysing the gender gap in scientific production and performance indicators
Studying the "Matilda effect" in communication-related research 7/28/23 A study by the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) reveals the existing gender inequality in the exercise of research careers in communication. This work shows the difficulty female researchers currently have in achieving higher levels of visibility and citations.

Health - Research Management - 27.06.2023
Researchers highlight flaws in COVID-19 weather studies and call for improved publishing practices
Research that linked the weather with the spread of COVID-19 during the pandemic was inaccurate and poorly scrutinised by fellow scientists, suggests a new study. Because most respiratory viral infections, such as flu, have seasonality with peaks in activity in different seasons, many researchers around the world investigated the potential link between COVID-19 and the weather for clues to how the disease spread.

Health - Research Management - 01.06.2023
Billions spent on cancer research but only small percentage goes on treatment
Only a small percentage of cancer research funding gets invested into primary treatments, a study by the University of Southampton and Queen's University Belfast has revealed. Results of the Southampton and Queens study showed that treatments such as surgery receives just 1.4 per cent of funding, and radiotherapy only 2.8 per cent, meaning little direct benefit for patients.

Microtechnics - Research Management - 05.05.2023
Smart Artificial Skin in Application Check Stage: TU Graz Researcher Wins ERC Proof of Concept Grant
Smart Artificial Skin in Application Check Stage: TU Graz Researcher Wins ERC Proof of Concept Grant
By Barbara Gigler The smart skin developed by Anna Coclite has many potential applications. With an ERC Proof of Concept Grant, the researcher is exploring its practical applications. Just a few months ago, Anna Maria Coclite and her team from the Institute of Solid State Physics at Graz University of Technology (TU Graz) presented the results of their research as part of Coclite's ERC Starting Grant project "SmartCore" .

Research Management - 20.04.2023
Humans around the world like to help
Humans around the world like to help
A global study, led by co-director of the Sydney Centre for Language Research Professor Nick Enfield, shows human tendency to help others within their social group is universal. New research on the human capacity for cooperation finds that, deep down, people of diverse cultures are more similar than you might expect.

Campus - Research Management - 11.04.2023
English scholars develop unique resource for asexuality and aromanticism research
English scholars develop unique resource for asexuality and aromanticism research
It is now easier for researchers to study asexuality and aromanticism thanks to a new resource created by two University of Toronto English scholars. Liza Blake , an associate professor of medieval and Renaissance literature at University of Toronto Mississauga, and  Jenna McKellips , a graduate student in English language and literature, have co-created the  Asexuality and Aromanticism Bibliography.

Health - Research Management - 28.02.2023
HIV Reservoirs Are Established Earlier Than Expected
HIV Reservoirs Are Established Earlier Than Expected
For the first time in humans, a research team has shown that, as early as the first days of infection, HIV is able to create reservoirs where it will hide and persist during antiretroviral therapy. CONTENU - Until now, the scientific community did not know exactly when or how these viral reservoirs-the existence of which is a major obstacle to curing HIV-are established in human beings.

Environment - Research Management - 19.01.2023
Open Science for water research
For the launch of the new scientific journal Nature Water , researchers Emma and Stan Schymanski contributed an article about the future of water research. This opinion paper focuses on the importance of open science in a field where, due to its global societal relevance, knowledge and research results should be freely accessible by a wide range of stakeholders.