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Architecture - Sep 11

Embracing the Rural Exception Site planning policy can significantly increase the delivery of affordable homes in the English countryside, while maintaining the community's local character, finds a new report by researchers from UCL and the English Rural Housing Association. The report, titled Land, Landowners, and the Delivery of Affordable Homes in Rural Areas , outlines the housing affordability issues facing rural towns and parishes, and highlights how greater use of the already-established Rural Exception Site policy could help deliver much needed affordable homes.

Transport - Aug 31

A team of UCL-led researchers has developed a new method to determine the attention levels of drivers and their readiness to respond to warning signals when using auto-pilot mode.

Transport - Aug 30

Jonathan How and his team at the Aerospace Controls Laboratory develop planning algorithms that allow autonomous vehicles to navigate dynamic environments without colliding.

Microtechnics - Aug 21

For his Master's project at EPFL, Mickaël Achkar compiled data on the movements of dogs to develop a robotic version of the animal that, once set in motion, can run without assistance.

Agronomy / Food Science

Maize roots secrete certain chemicals that affect the quality of soil. In some fields, this effect increases yields of wheat planted subsequent to maize in the same soil by more than 4%. This was proven by researchers from the University of Bern. While the findings from several field experiments show that these effects are highly variable, in the long term they may yet help to make the cultivation of grains more sustainable, without the need for additional fertilizers or pesticides.

Microtechnics - Jul 26

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University's Robotics Institute have shown that computer vision systems can more easily detect objects in motion - like a car driving down the street or a person walking in a crosswalk - than stationary objects.

Transport - Aug 30

Business, Law & Society Lou Corpuz-Bosshart While self-driving vehicles (SDVs) are being hailed as a solution for safer, more efficient roads, new UBC research suggests British Columbians are not quite ready to embrace self-driving cars wholeheartedly - and will need a period of gradual transition before adoption.

Microtechnics - Aug 29

Data from the National Center for Health Statistics reveals that 92% of nursing facility residents and at-home care patients require assistance with dressing, a daily activity easily taken for granted by many.

Agronomy / Food Science

Corn roots secrete certain substances that affect the quality of the soil. In certain fields, this effect increases the yield of wheat planted after corn in the same soil by more than 4%. This has been demonstrated by researchers at the University of Bern. Although the findings from several field experiments show that such effects are highly variable, they could nevertheless contribute in the long term to making the cultivation of cereals more sustainable without additional fertilizers or pesticides.

Researchers have found that robots can have a -U-shaped- effect on profits: causing profit margins to fall at first, before eventually rising again.

Microtechnics - Jul 26

Researchers develop a machine-learning technique that can efficiently learn to control a robot, leading to better performance with fewer data.

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Electroengineering - 16.09
Leiter:in des Studiengangs BSc Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnologie, Dozent:in 60-100% Hochschule Luzern - Technik & Architektur, Horw/Luzern
Architecture - 15.09
Research Associate geodetic measurement technology and geosensorics (60–100 %) School of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geomatics FHNW, Muttenz
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Wissenschaftlich-technische/r Mitarbeiter/-in Grundlagen SALCA Agroscope, 8046 Zürich-Affoltern
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Mechanical Engineering - 19.09
Assistant Professor in Mechanical Engineering University of Guelph
Pedagogy - 18.09
Fluid-Structure Interaction Queens University
Electroengineering - 21.09
Ass/Assoc. Professor on secure hardware computer architectures for edge devices Eindhoven University of Technology
Civil Engineering - 14.09
Universitätsprofessur W2 Ressourceneffizientes Bauen Technische Universität Dortmund
Architecture - 14.09
Professorship W2 Resource-efficient Building Design Technische Universität Dortmund
Microtechnics - 20.09
Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Robot Learning University of Oxford
Civil Engineering - 21.09
Faculty Position - Urban Design (Tenured or Professional Practice) Columbia University
Architecture - 21.09
Faculty Position - Architectural Representation (Open Rank) Columbia University
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