Physics - Jun 2

Results Reported in Nature Article Suggest Vertical GeSn Transistors May Someday Enable Low-Power, High-Performance Chips and Quantum Computers -. C EA-Leti research scientists ha ve demonstrated that electrons and other charge carriers can move faster in germanium tin than in silicon or germanium, enabling lower operation voltages and smaller footprints in vertical than in planar devices.

Researchers have shown that defective myelin actively promotes disease-related changes in Alzheimer's disease.

Environment - Jun 2

Professor Richard Gregory (UCL Biosciences) explains that pesticides and fertilisers are the single biggest cause of birds shocking decline across Europe and suggests how best to respond, writing in The Conversation.

New theoretical research by Michael Wondrak, Walter van Suijlekom and Heino Falcke of Radboud University has shown that Stephen Hawking was right about black holes, although not completely. Due to Hawking radiation, black holes will eventually evaporate, but the event horizon is not as crucial as has been believed. Gravity and the curvature of spacetime cause this radiation too. This means that all large objects in the universe, like the remnants of stars, will eventually evaporate.

When Burnaby eighth grader Advaith S. Iyer decided to participate in the Greater Vancouver Regional Science Fair (GVRSF) for the first time this spring an ambitious research idea emerged.

Health - Jun 1

The healthcare needs of prisoners in England are not being met and essential changes are needed to ensure patient safety, according to new research led by Cardiff University.

Pharmacology - Jun 2

The hypodermic needles on pre-filled syringes can clog when stored incorrectly. A research team subjected the process to a detailed and systematic investigation, including activities at the Research Neutron Source Heinz Maier-Leibnitz (FRM II) of the Technical University of Munich (TUM).

Health - Jun 2

An NHS trial of a new blood test for more than 50 types of cancer correctly revealed two out of every three cancers in more than 5,000 people who had visited their GP with suspected symptoms, in England or Wales. The test also also correctly identified the original site of cancer in 85% of those cases.

The genomes of 233 primate species reveal key features of primate evolution, human disease and biodiversity conservation.

An unprecedented dataset containing the genetic information of 233 species promises to improve our understanding of primates- evolutionary biology.

Health - Jun 1

Other aspects of treatment in long-term care homes generally remained the same a year into the pandemic While most aspects of care quality in long-term care homes did not differ in the first year of the pandemic from pre-pandemic levels, a new study shows that the use of antipsychotic drugs increased in all provinces.

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