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Health - Mar 24

The glycoprotein V of the blood platelets is an important switch point for haemostasis and thrombus formation. This new finding could have great clinical potential. When our blood vessels are injured by cuts, abrasions, or bruises, it is vital that the bleeding is stopped, and the wound is sealed.

Health - Mar 24

Most of the time, when someone gets a cut, scrape, burn, or other wound, the body takes care of itself and heals on its own. But this is not always the case. Diabetes can interfere with the healing process and create wounds that will not go away and that could become infected and fester.

Health - Mar 23

An analysis of data by researchers at Oxford Population Health's Cancer Epidemiology Unit has shown that use of progestogen-only hormonal contraceptives is associated with a 20-30% higher risk of breast cancer. The results are published in PLOS Medicine .

Life Sciences - Mar 21

Scientists have gleaned new insights into how psychedelics alter conscious experience via their action on brain activity.

Pharmacology - Mar 21

In one of the most comprehensive studies to date, the findings showed more than one in ten Americans used prescription opioids in the past 12 months By Western Communications , March 21, 2023 By Western Communications , March 21, 2023 More than 30 million Americans – roughly 12 per cent of the U.S. population – rely on prescription opioids.

Health - Mar 20

Studies & Further Education People in Austria have great confidence in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), diagnostic and therapeutic methods of TCM should also be strengthened further in national healthcare systems.

Health - Mar 23

Publication of the CIRI in the journal Science Translational Medicine on March 15, 2023. Press realease of the INSERM on March 17, 2023. A large proportion of the population has developed immunity to SARS-CoV-2 following infection and/or vaccination.

Pharmacology - Mar 23

Date Scientists have found a new way to predict which myeloma patients will benefit the most from a treatment often used to help keep the blood cancer from coming back after a stem cell transplant. For people with certain high-risk genetic features in their cancer cells, the drug, called lenalidomide, cut their risk of seeing their cancer progress or dying by up to 40-fold.

Health - Mar 21

Effective drugs against viral diseases like COVID-19 are urgently needed now and in the future. The emergence of viral mutants and yet unknown viruses could push vaccines to their limits.

Health - Mar 20

In pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH), the small vessels in the lungs become increasingly narrow and obstruct the transport of blood to the lungs.

Health - Mar 20

Individuals who are obese may be more susceptible to severe COVID-19 because of a poorer inflammatory immune response, say Cambridge scientists.

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