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Selecting the right method gives users a more accurate picture of how their model is behaving, so they are better equipped to correctly interpret its predictions. When machine-learning models are deployed in real-world situations, perhaps to flag potential disease in X-rays for a radiologist to review, human users need to know when to trust the model's predictions.

Environment - May 30

Scientists of the department of Natural Resources (ITC Faculty - University of Twente) recently published an article in the scientific journal Nature Communications . In their research, associate professor from the NRS Department Dr Tiejun Wang (corresponding author) and his master's student Ms.

In theory, quantum computers vastly outperform classical computers in terms of computing speed. For them to do so in practice, it is necessary to design more and novel high-speed algorithms, says ETH supercomputing specialist Torsten Hoefler.  

Developments are rapid around data, algorithms, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), especially since the launch of ChatGPT late last year.

By mapping the volumes of objects, rather than their surfaces, a new technique could yield solutions to computer graphics problems in animation and CAD.

This machine-learning method could assist with robotic scene understanding, image editing, or online recommendation systems.

Researchers have worked with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to develop a first of its kind, digital system to support humanitarian aid distribution. The design uses tokens to decentralize the storage and processing of recipients information, reducing the risk of harm, and uses advanced cryptography to enable accountability.

It's more important than ever for artificial intelligence to estimate how accurately it is explaining data.

Researchers have found a stark gender imbalance after carrying out the largest-ever study of video game dialogue, published today. The research, published in the journal Royal Society Open Science , analysed more than 13,000 video-game characters and found that men speak twice as much as women.

Compared to classical computers, quantum computers can solve complex problems in parallel and thus faster, but they are also more prone to errors. ZHAW researchers show how a hybrid approach can be used to exploit the strengths of quantum computers in a targeted manner.

A new machine-learning model makes more accurate predictions about ocean currents, which could help with tracking plastic pollution and oil spills, and aid in search and rescue.

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